G.I. Jokes Series 1 Die-cut Sticker Set By Mark Pingitore

G.I. Jokes Series 1 Die-cut Sticker Set By Mark Pingitore

Not too long ago we brought you word on Mark Pingitore’s G.I. Joke series, which includes a set of die-cut sticker trading cards. The G.I. Jokes Series 1 Die-cut Sticker Set is now in hand and we’re eager to note that if you don’t have this set already, it’s one that you definitely won’t want to miss out on! 

The complete 18 sticker (9 character) G.I. Jokes Series 1 set stickers measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches, with matte vinyl finish.  This is the 1st Print Run of this set, with 200 sets made! Included are:

  • 1a. Commandin’ BRANDON / 1b. LEE Der 
  • 2a. Zar TANNER / 2b. Face LES 
  • 3a. Chrome DOM / 3b. Des TROY 
  • 4a. JIM N. Eye / 4b. Two MAX 
  • 5a. BLAIR N. Ess / 5b. Femme FAYE Tal 
  • 6a. Firefly RYE / 6b. SAL Bo Tage 
  • 7a. Stormin’ NORMAN / 7b. Dark CLAUDE 
  • 8a. Mind BRENDEN / 8b. Brainy BEN 
  • 9a. Serpent TORY / 9b. COLE Bra

We’ve shared a few images of the set that you can check out by reading more below. We didn’t share too many though, as this is one set that should be examined up close and personal! Will you be adding series 1 of Mark Pingitore’s G.I. Jokes series to your collection? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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