reveals Racers ‘n’ Rockets, coming this holiday season!

Geewunner has shared the full color reveeal of his next exclusive custom Lego G.I.Joe set, Racers ‘n’ Rockets! The silhouette confirms that we’ll be receiving:

  • Desert Fast Attack Vehicle – G.I.Joe Desert Fox
  • Forest Fast Attack Vehicle – G.I.Joe Desert Fox
  • Enemy Rocket Pack – Cobra Jet Pack
  • Enemy Mine Launcher – Cobra IMP
  • Enemy Twin Missile Launcher – Cobra Adder
  • Rapid Strike Vehicle – G.I.Joe Crossfire

We’ll be treated to more details soon enough, but in the meantime, is this a set that you’ll be adding to your Lego G.I.Joe collection? Join in on the discussion on the Cobra Island Forums

Geewunner Racers ‘n’ Rockets Set Revealed – Cobra Island Forums 

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