Get Your Own Personalized G.I. Joe File Cards from Michael Mercy!

Our good friend Michael Mercy has just launched a new service that turns YOU in to the main character on your own G.I.Joe File Card! 

Ever wanted to be a member of G.I. Joe, Cobra, Action Force, the Iron Grenadiers or Dreadnoks? Now’s your chance! For just $5 US, MM will design a digital file of a personalized vintage style G.I. Joe file card for you containing your picture, code name and bio information. To get YOUR personalized G.I. Joe file card, send an e-mail to: YO JOE!

  • Payments made through PayPal
  • Offer available worldwide
  • Figure not included πŸ˜‰

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Michael Mercy Personalized File Cards – Cobra Island

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