GIJoeCon 2018 Customizing Class Info Now Available

GIJoeCon 2018 Customizing Class Info Now Available

The Official G.I.Joe Collectors Convention Website has been updated with details on this year’s Customizing Class! It’s been revealed that figure everyone will be working on this year is none other than a Red Shadows Trooper! Here’s the scoop – 

2018 GIJoeCon attendees signed up for the (Sold Out) Customizing Class: You will be adding a much requested character to your squad with our Red Shadows Trooper! Included in the kit this year is a BRAND NEW updated head sculpt by longtime collaborator Gigabread as well as a unique (secret!) original sculpt weapon for completing the figure during the class (also by Gigabread). The kit also includes an AK style assault rifle, torso and hardware, bloused BDU skirt and removable harness and satchel charge.

Full details on the class have been mirrored here, so make sure to Read More below to check them out. Are you excited for the final JoeCon Customizing Class and Red Shadows Trooper? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

GIJoeCon 2018 Customizing Class Info Now Available – Cobra Island

To complete your figure in the class, you will need to bring a set of arms and legs. As the base color of the figure is red (naturally!) we would suggest parts from any red G.I. Joe or COBRA figure.

Suggested possible donor parts include: Retaliation Alley Viper limbs, Retaliation Red Night Viper limbs, and the Target Exclusive red Viper or any others that might fit the build.

The class will supply basic paints (Testors Model Masters Acrylic), 2 different size brushes (20/0 and #1), Super Glues and accelerant’s, and X-acto knives. You will need to bring your identification if you are signed up for the Wednesday morning class as Convention badges will not be handed out until that evening. If you are attending the Thursday class, please bring you Convention badge to check in.

As per GIJoeCon policies, please arrive on time. No participants will be admitted after 8:45AM each day. The class will break from 12PM to 1PM each day for lunch, and end promptly at 4PM. If you have technical questions, you can reach out to JE Russell through Facebook at any time. You can also use the Contact link to submit any questions to the GIJCC about your attendance or special needs.

All of the class instructors and helpers (John Russell, Kalen, Matt & Nolan, Esvan) and Bobby Vala (Hasbro Designer), are all looking forward to seeing you! Be sure to give us a hearty “BLOOD for the BARON!” when you get in the door!

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