Goodbye Toys R Us – Hello K B Toys?

Goodbye Toys R Us – Hello K B Toys?

With word that Toys R Us Is Prepping to Liquidate Its U.S. Operations, the following intel couldn’t come at a better time for the Toy Industry. In a LinkedIn article published this past Friday, Mr. Ellia Kassoff, founder of Strategic Marks, LLC shared the following exciting news – 


As some of you know, our company Strategic Marks, LLC has acquired KB-Toys about a year ago. During that period, we had been working on several models to resurrect the “Great American Toy Store” and to make sure the stores can compete with Toys R Us, other brick and mortar stores as well as on-line retail. Well, with the demise of Toys R Us, this week, we have now accelerated our business plan and hope to have our stores up and running before Christmas. We’re in discussions with many of the toy manufactures, as we try to find out the best way to support them and the 20% loss of the US toy market due to the Toys R Us liquidation. We believe we will have the infrastructure in-place and [hopefully] save the toy industry. If you are a toy manufacturer or distributor, or ex KB Toys associate, please feel free to call us at: 949-424-1664 or email us at: We hope to help the industry and at the same time resurrect the amazing KB Toys name!

There was once a time where KB Toys was everywhere. Will we soon return to those days? What are your thoughts on KB re-entering the market space? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

Goodbye Toys R Us – Hello K B Toys? – Cobra Island

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