Hammer of the Gods Toys and Popprolific Present Fury Force

Hammer of the Gods Toys and Popprolific Present Fury Force

Pray for peace. Prepare for 5.5 war.

Hammer of the Gods Toys (HotGToys) and Popprolific have let the cat out of the bag and revealed a special project that they’ve been collaborating on. That project? The 5.5″ Fury Force, an assortment of Heroes and Villains modeled after your favorite Modern Army Action Figure! Here’s the scoop from both camps: 

HotGToys on Instagram: We’ve been sneaking around for weeks and it’s time to come clean: Popprolific and Hammer of the Gods have joined forces to bring you… Fury Force! A series of 80s inspired, 5.5, military figures you never knew you wanted. Heroes who will defend freedom at all costs against the ruthless Agents of the Serpent. Keep an eye here and throw my man POPprolific a follow to keep updated on release schedule.

Popprolific on InstagramThere was a space in my collection…. a gap between the space faring barbarians and the hordes of snake persons. A spot on the shelf where something was missing. Had I seen it before? I couldn’t quite bring it into focus… @hotgtoys saw it too. An idea so familiar, yet bizarrely different. It was like your childhood… only, not the way you remember. In the way nostalgia is sometimes. The rumors were true, we’ve combined our talents. Months spent in secrecy, and only the tip if the iceberg has been seen. That is, until now….

As seen in the attached images, there are 8 characters so far, with more teased at as coming soon! Will you be adding these amazing Fury Force figures to your collection once they become available? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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Hammer of the Gods Toys and Popprolific Present Fury Force – Cobra Island

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