Hasbro Pulse Examines 3 Masters of Shadow and Deception

Hasbro Pulse Examines 3 Masters of Shadow and Deception

The Hasbro Pulse website has shared a new G.I.Joe related update! The Pulse  Examines 3 masters of shadow and deception with a quick spotlight on the ninjas of G.I.Joe! 

They are masters of deception, martial arts, and own the shadows. Since day 1, ninjas have been pivotal pieces in the grand game of chess that is GI JOE vs Cobra. While there’s a bevy of notable ninjas, Pulse decided to pop a brief spotlight on 3 of the best around.


With a family lineage with direct ties to the same clan that produced both Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, Jinx was pretty much born to be a ninja. With top-notch stealth and infiltration skills, the undersized Jinx uses her size to her advantage against opponents large and small. She excels at many forms of combat, and due to her training from a blind ninja master, she is a deadly opponent with or without sight.


You know him. You probably love him. Cobra fears him. Snake Eyes is pretty much the gold standard for GI JOE martial artists. A former recon ranger, Snake Eyes honed his skills in Japan, learning the sacred arts of becoming a ninja master. After a long hiatus of training, Snake Eyes returned stateside to live in seclusion. It was there he was recruited to serve as a member of the JOEs. Soon after he met Scarlett, and the rest is pretty much history (that’s a story for another day).


The personal bodyguard of Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow took a different path than his ninja clan brother Snake Eyes. Probably the most conflicted of any Cobra agent, Storm Shadow’s need for vengeance led him to successful runs as both a Cobra agent AND a JOE. While highly proficient with bladed weapons, Storm Shadow excels as a gifted archer. His past is checkered, including stints as a member of the Long Range Recon Patrol, as well as the Young Master to the Arashikage ninja clan—both factions which were an intricate part of Snake Eyes’ history.

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Hasbro Pulse Examines 3 Masters of Shadow and Deception – Cobra Island

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