More Images of Whatnot Toys Super Deformed G.I.Joe Collection

More Images of Whatnot Toys Super Deformed G.I.Joe Collection

ToyHypeUSA was in attendance at New York Toy Fair and has shared a gallery of over 20 images of the new Super Deformed G.I.Joe offerings from Whatnot toys. We’ve mirrored those images here for your viewing pleasure, so make sure to read more below. In the war between the G.I.Joe team and Cobra, who will be victorious? 

The Whatnot Toys G.I.Joe figures are 4.5 inches tall, are fully articulated and poseable and come with acessories, which are useally the weapoon they are known for. Whatnot Toys are also offering G.I.Joe vehicles and each comes with its own driver crafted at the 4.5 inch size. Given their flexibility, these figures easily fit into the vehicles. 

They are also offering a series of highly collectible 2.5 inch figures, which are perfect for the GI Joe fan who simply can’t get enough of their all new Super Deformed line! 

What’s your take on these super deformed offerings? Do they have a place on your shelf next to your Loyal Subjects and Kidrobot G.I.Joe Collectibles? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

Toy Fair 2018 Whatnot Toys Super Deformed G.I.Joe Figures and Vehicles – Cobra Island

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