Kawiki and Elven Tack Unlocked in Boss Fight Studio Backerkit

Kawiki and Elven Tack Unlocked in Boss Fight Studio Backerkit

The Boss Fight Studio Backerkit has unlocked their first Stretch Goal!

If you backed their Kickstarter Campaign, then you can now add Kawiki and the Elven Tack Kit to your Backerkit Survey.

That’s not all though, all throughout the BackerKit, you can add more items to your pledge, and help unlock more BackerKit Stretch Goals! The next unlock comes at $240,000 and unlocks the Knight of Asperity Tack and Knight of Asperity Jousting Set.

From Boss Fight Studio:

Posted by Boss Fight Studio (Creator)

As of late this evening, we have surpassed the $210,000 mark!

Yes, that means that we have unlocked Kawiki and the Elven Tack for him!!

I know we’re actually a few hours behind, but updating the new items to the Backer Kit is a fairly involved process.

Everyone should now be able choose Kawiki and the Elven Tack kit for their steed and Tack on their pledge levels if they have those options.

You can also add both items onto your purchases.

Because the process for adding new items is involved, that means we *maybe* made mistakes. I know, I know, we’re pretty perfect, but sometimes it happens.

If you notice an issue when trying to add either of these items, please let us know so that we can fix it ASAP!

Thanks again for all of your support, Bossfighters!!!

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