Letal Customs Crimson Grenadier Pictorial Review

Letal Customs Crimson Grenadier Pictorial Review

We continue our pictorial reviews of the all new Grenadiers by Letal Customs! In the absence of 3 3/4 product on the market, we here at Cobra Island are thankful that there are those out there that are keeping the hobby alive for many collectors. 

Letal has hit the ground running, as his first round of offerings is based on a fan favorite, the Iron Grenadier! The first wave brings us (4) different renditions of this classic troop builder:

  • Arctic Grenadier
  • Crimson Grenadier
  • Desert Grenadier
  • Jungle/Night Grenadier

Last night, Destro gave Cobra Commander a closer look at the Arctic Grenadier, an elite trooper that can give a Snow Serpent a run for his money. Tonight, he introduces the Commander to the Crimson Grenadiers, the Elite of the Elite. Word has it that they’re so good at what they do, they’ve even infiltrated the Crimson Shadow Guard, an organization that is only spoken of in whispers and rumors.

We’ve collected a gallery of over 30 images for your viewing pleasure, so make sure to read on below to check out the gallery, then join us on the Cobra Island Forums to discuss these awesome new troopers from Letal Customs! Want to add these to your collection? It’s easy! Reach out to @gijoeislife,  @stephen_celentano@davedatil, and @yo_icollect on Instagram for further details! 

Letal Customs Crimson Grenadier Pictorial Review – Cobra Island

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