Letal Customs Grenadiers Pictorial Review Recap

Letal Customs Grenadiers Pictorial Review Recap

Over the course of the last week, we had the pleasure of taking an in-depth look at the all new Grenadiers from Letal Customs. These new boutique style figures are based on the classic Iron Grenadier mold in an assortment of new colors. The first wave consists of: 

In the absence of 3 3/4 product on the market, we here at Cobra Island are thankful that there are those out there that are keeping the hobby alive for many collectors. If you’d like to assemble your own collection of Letal Customs, it’s as easy as reaching out to one of the following folks on Instagram: 

@gijoeislife,  @stephen_celentano@davedatil, and @yo_icollect 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our pictorial reviews and we look forward to bringing you wave two when they’re released! We have one more grouping of images to share with you, so make sure to continue reading on below to check them out, then join us at any of the reviews linked above for discussion in progress right here on the Cobra Island Forums!

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