Loyal Subjects make an Impact with Wave 2 Reveals!

Loyal Subjects make an Impact with Wave 2 Reveals!

12 points of Articulation?!, Removable Helmets?! … Did someone say Vehicles!?

As the Wave 2 previews keep coming from The Loyal Subjects the Lake of Awesome keeps getting deeper!

Straight from the mouths of The Loyal Subjects

We are as pleased as Duke – standing victorious on the battlefield watching the defeated COBRA scurry away, licking their wounds – to announce the sneak peek of G.I. Joe Wave 2 Action Vinyls!  2 years in the making!  We had to pivot a couple times but we found that magic formula, one worthy of the Action Vinyls stamp!  These Action Heros are next level; removable masks, helmets, 12 points of articulation, several signature accessories and vehicles.  Whaaaa?!  Vehicles?!  Yes, vehicles!  We’re bringing in the heavy artillery here, the kind of ammo that will make the Joe fans proud.  Targeting a latter Holiday release date at your favorite retailers including Hot Topic, B&N, Hastings and BAM.  Yo! Joe!  3.2″ Action Vinyls baby!

Check out The Loyal Subjects HERE!!

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