Marauder Task Force–More Info

Marauder Task Force–More Info

The Marauder “Gun-Runners” posted more information, regarding the first wave repaints of the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter figures!

FAQ concerning 1st Marauder Task Force shipments: Weapons & Orange Hazard Ops Figures

Posted by Marauder GR

Hey “814 Valtaskers!”

The response to the first Kickstarter shipments has been overwhelming! We are delighted you like the items! We have received some questions about weapons and the orange Hazard Ops figure.

Weapons: ONLY backers at the Valhalla level received weapons & IDS stands for each figure ordered. Asgard backers received an IDS stand for each figure ordered. The other levels did not receive weapons or stands.

Orange Hazard Ops figure: There have been some questions about the head on the Orange Hazard-Ops figure. In the illustration on the Kickstarter project, the orange head with goggle & breather was shown. Unfortunately the orange goggle/breather heads did not arrive until this week. Rather than delay shipping all the Kickstarter orders by an additional 3 weeks, we made the decision to ship the orange figure with the orange balaclava head. In the Kickstarter, the Orange Hazard Ops image is labeled as “final product and colors may vary”…just in case there are last minute unforeseen issues. That being said, we will be delighted to add the orange goggle/breather heads for any Hazard-Ops figure ordered to your next regular Marauder GR website order. Just put a note in the message section of the order with the number of orange goggle/breather heads wanted.

Thanks again for your support!

MJ & Crew

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