Marauder Task Force Shipping

Marauder Task Force Shipping

Hey Islanders!  We’ve received great news, regarding the Marauder Task Force Valkyries first shipment (the repaints of the first wave of Marauder Task Force figures)!

The Marauder “Gun-Runners” announced that the first shipment of Marauder Task Force Valkyries (the wave 1 Marauder Task Force repaints) will be shipping on Monday, December 28!

The Marauder Task Force figures included in this shipment will be any number of the following figures, that you selected with your backer kit:


  • Brown Terra-Ops
  • Grey Tech-Ops
  • Orange Hazard-Ops
  • Yellow and Green Strike-Ops
  • Black and Yellow Shock-Ops (Whom I lovingly call “Bee-Men”)

The Marauder “Gun-Runners” had this to say:

Hey 814 Valtaskers!

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying the Holiday Season!

Santa was also VERY good to your “Gun-Runners”…. we received ALL the NEW color versions of the male MTF figures and ALL the corresponding NEW color accessories!

For those getting 2 (TWO) Kickstarter shipments, the first shipments (with the new MTF male figures) will start to shipMonday 12/28. All the orders should be shipped by December 31st. The 2nd half of the orders (with the new Valkyries figures) and the orders for those backers only getting 1 (ONE) shipment will ship next summer as scheduled.

In the spirit of the Holiday season and to express our gratitude for your patience, we are adding some bonus items to your packages to show you our appreciation!

Thanks for your support!

MJ & Crew

I know I can’t wait for my shipment of Marauder Task Force goodness!

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