Marauder Task Force WWII German Soldier Prototype Revealed

Marauder Task Force WWII German Soldier Prototype Revealed

Just when you thought you were going to have a quiet night, here comes the Marauder Gun-Runners to liven things up! Tonight via Facebook, we got our first look at the prototype for the Marauder Task Force WWII U.S. Army Soldier. Needless to say, it’s a thing of beauty. Here’s the scoop from MJ:

Hey Folks!
Here is the prototype for the upcoming Marauder Task Force WWII German Soldier. EACH soldier will have different & ALL NEW tooling…new body…new gear…new weapons. Our MTF WWII Kickstarter is our largest campaign ever because of ALL the new tools required to make so many different figures & gear. As with all the other one of a kind tooling prototypes, this proto will be AVAILABLE for purchase in the Kickstarter event for one lucky backer! We plan to start the Kickstarter this Thursday evening February 15th. We hope you all join us!
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I wonder who the lucky owner of this amazing piece will be? Guess we’ll find out when the Kickstarter campaign starts! Until then, join us after the break on the Cobra Island Forums for discussion already in progress. 

Marauder Task Force WWII US Marine 3D Sculpt Revealed – Cobra Island

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