Marauder Task Force WWII Kickstarter Campaign Update

Marauder Task Force WWII Kickstarter Campaign Update

There’s a bit of news to share with you on the Marauder Task Force WWII Kickstarter Campaign front, so let’s get to it! 

First and foremost, it was discovered that there was a slew of fraudulent pledges made against the campaign that falsely inflated the total contribution level. After the fake pledges were removed, the campaign took quite a hit. You may wonder “So, what about the stretch goals that were unlocked?” Well, Marauder John being the class act that he is, has noted the following: 

Yes, there has been an adjustment to the pledge contribution total.  The majority of the fake pledges have been canceled. ALL stretch goals that were unlocked do to the coordinated attempt to sabotage our event are STILL UNLOCKED!  Regardless what some dishonest people tried to do to our project, we are still covering any stretch goals that were unlocked due to their poor behavior. So the MG42 Gunner and the 50 Cal Gunner are UNLOCKED and IN the event.   Sad to see anyone behave in such a way, but we will NOT let anything they try to do HURT our supporters! 

The middle of any Kickstarter campaign is the “slow” time and we are still on track for a very interesting finish!  We have some cool surprises in store!

Thanks again for your support!

 The campaign is now sitting at just above $152K, marching towards a new stretch goal, the U.S. Marine in Camo Uniform! Let’s help our friends at Marauder Gun-Runners and our fellow Taskers unlock the next one! Have you pledged yet? Let us know and join in on the discussion on the Cobra Island Forums!

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