So I acquired Motormaster from Transformers: Combiner Wars a few weeks ago, and I finally managed to grab some limbs, and I’m on vacation this week, so I figured “Why not write a review!”

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Like I said, I’m on Spring Break! BOOYA!


All right.  Onward and upward!  Let’s take a look at the Robot Mode!

Hulk out with your bulk out, bro!

The robot mode is nice and blocky, the way I prefer my robots.  The sleeker designs that we see these days are cool and all, but nothing screams “classic 80’s robot” like something with a lot of straight lines and corners!

It’s also quite bulky.  I love how imposing this mold is.  Ain’t no minibot gonna mess with this broad-shouldered ne’er do well!  Hell, I had him standing next to Trailcutter the other night, and he makes him look tiny!

I love the fact that Menasor’s sword can split into a sword and a gun.  It’s a sweet gun!

Next up, let’s take a look at the Truck Mode!


Yeah.  That’s sexy.  At this point it’s clear that this mold was a remold of Combiner Wars Optimus Prime (the robot mode is different enough that when I saw previews, I didn’t realize this until I saw the truck mode), due to the lack of a trailer.  The original Motormaster’s cab became his feet, and the main body was composed of his trailer.

Hasbro‘s current business plan revolves around designing molds that can be used to portray multiple characters.  This allows Hasbro to produce more of the characters we want to see.  In my opinion, this is a great plan. 🙂

While writing this review it also dawned on me that the truck mode reminds me of Age of Extinction Galvatron . . .

Now let’s have a look at the Combined ModeMenasor!


Right.  I’m missing half the Stunticons.  Let’s call in some help from Air Raid and Alpha Bravo!

There we go!

Much better . . . As you can see, I left the chest plate closed, since I don’t own Blackjack.  Hasbro did a great job of sculpting and painting it so that it kind of looks like the chest plate, in case you don’t have Blackjack.  I mean we can’t have Menasor running around topless (see the spring break photo, above, for details)!  Also I feel like the inner chest is the one weak point for this figure.

Menasor is an absolute BEAST!  He’s roughly the size of a leader class figure (I don’t have a leader class figure handy to make an exact comparison, but it’s pretty close.  He’s definitely capable of wreaking havoc among my legion of deluxe class figures!

All in all Motormaster is a great figure, and definitely worth picking up!

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