New Marauder Gun Runner Kickstarter Campaign 1 12 Scale Gear For 6 Inch Action Figures

Our friends at [url=]Marauder Inc[/url] have just launched a new [url=]Kickstarter Campaign[/url]. This time around, Marauder GR’s focus is on 1:12 Scale Gear for your 6 Inch Action Figures!

Coming off of their highly successful [url=]Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures Kickstarter[/url], this new event is sure to please fans of the 6″ action figure scale. From the new KS Page –

Marauder GR has become a trusted source for 1:18 scale gear to use with 4 inch tall action figures. Over the last 9 years, we have grown our offerings of 1:18 scale gear to several hundred items in a wide variety of designs and with various features. As our 1:18 scale offerings grew, we began to receive more & more requests for bigger 1:12 scale gear to use with the larger 6 inch figures. Finally, here is the chance for Marauder GR to release gear for 6 inch figures. Gear with same of level detail and features as our 1:18 scale items…just bigger!! If the interest and support are there, then new 1:12 scale gear & accessories will be a reality!

To get an idea of the detail and features planned for the larger 1:12 scale gear, here are images of our current smaller 1:18 scale gear with 4 inch tall figures. Given the larger size of the 1:12 scale gear than the 1:18 scale gear, the level of detail should be even greater.

Want to know what’s being offered as part of this project? Well then head on over to the [url=]Marauder GR 1:12 Scale Gear Kickstarter Campaign[/url] for more details!

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