NJCC The Valkyries have LANDED!

NJCC The Valkyries have LANDED!

Have you guys caught your breath yet?! No?! Too Bad!! Cause NJCC had Marauders coming full steam ahead! Marauders Task Force Valkyries have landed! If you missed out on the first Kickstarter and have been scrambling to find and get the figures you want then I’m sure your lesson has been learned. With the overwhelming flood of praise and positivity that Wave 1 has been greated with I have no doubt that Valkyries will have the both having to pump out and come up with last minute stretch goals after the base ones are blown out in the first few weeks!

These look like some of the female bucks and tooling that we have been waiting for for a long time!

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Be sure to check out Marauder Task force wave 1 and other fine products on the Marauder Gun Runners storefront!  And make sure to stop by the Boss Fight Studio Facebook page, since they designed the figures!

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