3DJoes is headed to Springfield!!

3DJoes is headed to Springfield, and there’s three reasons you should stop by their booth to say hello!

#1: Free foil postcards from the 3DJoes kickstarter campaign!
Stop by the 3DJoes booth for one of three free foil 3DJoes postcards. Also, they’ll be raffling off the two remaining uncut foil “to the rescue” sheets via the hourly club giveaway! (only 10 were made)

#2: Check out all six 3DJoes posters!
They’ll be giving away a set of all three postcards with each poster purchase (one set per customer please, so everyone gets a chance). All proceeds help keep 3DJoes.com spinning ad free!

#3: “Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe vol.1”
They’ll be revealing the highly anticipated “Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe” hardcover at the WOJM panel from 11-11:50 on Sunday! This coffee table tribute features card  stock pages with rich photo paper and is the perfect tribute to the timeless art of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Please come show your support at the panel, and stop by the booth any time throughout the convention for a sneak peek!

So make sure you swing by the 3DJoes booth and show your support! 

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JoeCon 2015 Roma Collectibles Exclusive Custom Cobra Youth Cancelled

Well everyone, there’s a bit of disappointing news to report. Yesterday, we brought you word of the JoeCon 2015 ROMA Collectibles Exclusive Cobra Youth figure that was going to be made available in extremely limited numbers (10) at the ROMA booth.

As fate would have it, ROMA has been advised that they will not be able to offer this piece at the show. For more details, please join us after the break or head on over to the ROMA Collectibles Facebook Page for further info.

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CobraIsland Plays … Star Wars Rebels

Let’s be honest this is CobraIsland, we’re not as up tight as the Suits in Springfield. While our mission of world domination is clear the general Island population are Vipers and Vipettes here to take a vacation from all the Blue and Red lasers, to chill on the beach and try not to think of Joes. They like to think sometimes of other things that they enjoy and PLAY!

Today CobraIsland Plays … with Star Wars Rebels!

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What’s on Joe Mind? Episode 101!

[url=http://whatsonjoemind.podbean.com/e/episode-101-what%E2%80%99s-on-joe-mind]Episode 101 of What’s on Joe Mind[/url]? is online!

[quote]It’s our annual quick and dirty pre-JoeCon “live” show…unedited for your rapid enjoyment. Joining us is CFB Ambassador, Jim Beutel to tell us all about this year’s annual meet up. As you read this, parties are in motion toward Springfield, so download, plug in and enjoy this on your trip. #100 is still in the editing works so we hope this tides you over.[/quote]

For more information, check out the [url=https://www.facebook.com/whatsonjoemind]What’s on Joe Mind? Facebook page[/url], and join us to [url=http://www.cobraisland.com/forums/showthread.php?22158-What-s-on-Joe-Mind-Episode-101!]discuss the latest episode of What’s on Joe Mind?[/url]!

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JoeCon 2015 Roma Collectibles Cobra Youth Custom

It’s become a JoeCon tradition to expect a limited, uber cool custom piece and/or poster to be offered by our friends at [url=http://www.romacollectibles.com/store]Roma Collectibles[/url]. This year has proven to be no different! Check out this amazing custom carded Cobra Youth figure that will be available at the Roma Collectibles booth at the show. Here’s the … Read moreJoeCon 2015 Roma Collectibles Cobra Youth Custom

She Took on Cobra!

Brian Miller a.k.a. Oktopolis posted his latest G.I. Joe-themed artwork, She Took on Cobra! FIRST LOOK! “She Took on COBRA!” by @OktopolisArt GI Joe Con exclusive for Top Shelf Toys #YoJoe #HailCobra You can check out more of Brian Miller’s work on his Oktopolis Facebook page, Oktopolis Twitter page, Oktopolis Instagram page, and Oktopolis website! What do you … Read moreShe Took on Cobra!

Possible Unproduced Combat Heroes Playsets Unearthed Via Coroflot Portfolio Site

Thanks to General Hawk and [url=http://http://generalsjoes.com/2015/04/05/coroflot-portfoilio-site-reveals-unproduced-combat-heroes-playsets]Scott, a poster on GeneralsJoes.com[/url], we now have images of what could possibly be (3) unreleased G.I.Joe Combat Hero Playsets! Each release is modeled after a vehicle that “transforms” in to a playset, offering tons of play value…well, that would have offered tons of play value to little G.I.Joe Fans. The … Read morePossible Unproduced Combat Heroes Playsets Unearthed Via Coroflot Portfolio Site