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Okay, this is my first real custom in some years. All Marauder parts with Bad Mother Tattoos and Customs waterslide decals and a briefcase from G.I. Joe. It's my favorite character, Chuckles!

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily and wonderfully the waterslide decals worked. I have a feeling this won't be my last custom Chuckles haha.

In the group shot (I'm only missing that damned stupidly expensive and elusive Night Force Chuckles), is my very first real custom, also Chuckles. I don't think it was terrible for my very first attempt (over a decade ago), but the skintone still really bothers me heh. I had based it on the more muscular Chuckles from the Operation: Flaming MOTH set.
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“He single handedly saved my butt on Cobra Island. So I told him he could have whatever he wanted. The weirdo told me he wanted a sandbox.”
“A sandbox...?!”
“Yeah. Said he felt more at home in it.” shared a post.
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