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Georgia I am Inside of You! Tifton already and Augusta bound for @joefest_toy_comic . Looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting some new! Can't wait to catch up with the extended Joe family ! #Wherewedrinkingtonight #joefestbeerfest #cobraisland #cobraisland_com shared a link.
Forgotten G.I. Joe Figure profiles. Featuring G.I. Joe figures from around the world.
I need to clone myself (and my wallet!)with this reveal from @joefest_toy_comic - Exclusives Map Reveal

All Exclusives will be available Friday am Night 7:30 pm, except ROMA Collectibles exclusives will be available Saturday 8 am. One per person till Saturday at 1 pm.

Booth 11 & !2 White Elephant Toyz La Noche Negra figure
Booth 56 B. Kossin Tiger Force Sgt. Slaughter
Booth 58 Stars wars Mike Cobra Podiums
Booth 60 & 61 ROMA Collectibles, Red Puma,Madame Kaos, K.E.O.,Son of the Snake
Booth 71 & 72 Marauders "Gun-Runners" Red Exo Suit, Agency Ops legs, and Sticker Sheet
Booth 86 & 87 Kickliy Exclusive Art Prints
Booth 103 Nok'd Up Custom Sky Patrol Vehicles
Booth 120 Official Show Exclusives Tommy, Lady Boa, Iron Basilisk vehicle, Night Howler vehicle, Shadow Fox vehicle, A. Montanarella art prints, and Traitor figure.
Booth 121 Scorched Earth Creations Unmasked Commando
Booth 123 Valaverse Ron A Rudat art print.
Booth 125. Kygijoe 12 inch Danger on the Greens. figures
Booth 126 80's Toys of Princeton, WV Dial-Tone 2006 Joecon art prints. #cobraisland #CobraIsland_com shared a post.
G.I. Joe Takara catalog courtesy of @Mezdup1
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Dun dun....dun dun......dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun...I wanted to go swimming but couldn't due to SHARC-infested waters! :O
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