JoeCon 2015 Roma Collectibles Cobra Youth Custom

It’s become a JoeCon tradition to expect a limited, uber cool custom piece and/or poster to be offered by our friends at [url=]Roma Collectibles[/url]. This year has proven to be no different! Check out this amazing custom carded Cobra Youth figure that will be available at the Roma Collectibles booth at the show. Here’s the … Read more

She Took on Cobra!

Brian Miller a.k.a. Oktopolis posted his latest G.I. Joe-themed artwork, She Took on Cobra! FIRST LOOK! “She Took on COBRA!” by @OktopolisArt GI Joe Con exclusive for Top Shelf Toys #YoJoe #HailCobra You can check out more of Brian Miller’s work on his Oktopolis Facebook page, Oktopolis Twitter page, Oktopolis Instagram page, and Oktopolis website! What do you … Read more

Possible Unproduced Combat Heroes Playsets Unearthed Via Coroflot Portfolio Site

Thanks to General Hawk and [url=http://]Scott, a poster on[/url], we now have images of what could possibly be (3) unreleased G.I.Joe Combat Hero Playsets! Each release is modeled after a vehicle that “transforms” in to a playset, offering tons of play value…well, that would have offered tons of play value to little G.I.Joe Fans. The … Read more

Rank and File on sale at JoeCon!

  [b]James Kavanaugh, Jr[/b], who wrote the [b]R.A.H.C. Guide[/b] has a new [b]G.I. Joe[/b] book, [b]Rank & File – A Guide to Third Generation 4” G.I. Joe Action Figures[/b]! Mr. Kavanaugh announced that Rank and File will be available for purchase at JoeCon! The adventure has evolved in Rank & File – A Guide to … Read more Store Wide Inventory Update Coming Soon!

[IMG][/IMG]   Our good friend and resident BlueBikerBoy1 shared some good news with us – There will be a LARGE store wide inventory update coming soon to [url=]Jason’s Joes and More![/url] If you’re unfamiliar with JJ&M, then you need to go check it out as there’s definitely something for everyone! From Vintage to Modern, … Read more

Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe ARAH General Hawk v3 By Ska_Lives

 Check out this amazing Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe ARAH General Hawk v3 by forum member [url=]Ska_Lives[/url]! If you haven’t checked out his work recently, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Here’s what Ska had to say about this 1991 A Real American Hero Modern Era update: I found an Avengers assemble … Read more

G.I. Joe FSS 3.0 Hit & Run Light Infantryman Photo Shoot

[IMG][/IMG]   [url=]DESTRO[/url] has posted a photo shoot of [url=]Hit & Run[/url], the G.I.Joe Light Infantryman released as part of the 3rd assortment of the G.I.Joe Collectors Club Figure Subscription Service. This is the 3rd version of Hit & Run to be released to collectors, with the first being a part of the Attack on … Read more

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