Purported YoJoe.com Database Breach – Please Review

Purported YoJoe.com Database Breach – Please Review

Thanks to Hushed (and by extension, Xerofall) of HissTank for sharing word on a purported YoJoe.com Database Breach. Hushed noted the following – 

While checking the background on someone I am doing a deal with for toys, I found the email of the person I am doing the deal with, in what is purported to be a Yo Joe database. I found their email address, along with atleast one other GI Joe fan I personally know in the database. Going through my Paypal list of email addresses, I find other people I have done deals with, on this list.

You can check to see if your username is included by reaching out to one of our Staff Members here on CobraIsland.com who will share the link & list with you. If you have an account on YoJoe.com, it is strongly recommended that you change your password(s) immediately and make sure to change your information on any site that uses this e-mail/password. Also be mindful of any messages and/or requests for personal information received, as they could be phishing attempts. 

We’ll bring you more details as they become available. 

Purported YoJoe.com Database Breach Discussion – Cobra Island

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