RAHC Guide Rank and File Volume 2 and 3 Reprint Kickstarter Campaign Update

RAHC Guide Rank and File Volume 2 and 3 Reprint Kickstarter Campaign Update

 R.A.H.C. Guide Rank & File Volume 2 & 3 Reprint Kickstarter campaign has been live for roughly a week and is going strong, having already surpassed 25% funding! There’s 13 days left to go, so make sure to get your pledge in! 

The Rank & File guide series started off in 2015 and began archiving G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero’s journey in the 4″ format. These volumes contain every action figure and vehicle produced in the The Rise of Cobra, The Pursuit of Cobra, 30th Anniversary, Retaliation, 50th Anniversary, and Basic Asst. series. Volume 2 sold out in 2017 and volume 3 will be sold out any day now. Fan demand has reached the point of a Kickstarter re-release! Kickstarter is the perfect opportunity to re-release volumes 2 & 3 and update key elements in an ever-evolving toy line.

There’s quite a few awesome tiers to pledge in at, including choosing a cover for volume 2, the “One & Only Souvenir” and more! Head over to the campaign and check it out – Rank & File Volume 2 & 3 Reprints. G.I. Joe resource guides!

Don’t forget, you can grab Volume 1.1, Volume 3 and the original R.A.H.C. Guide while supplies last, so head over to www.rahcguide.com to secure your copies. We’ll definitely be adding this volume to our collection. What about you? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

R.A.H.C. Guide Rank & File – A Guide to 4 Inch G.I. Joe Action Figures Volume 2.1 & 3.1 Kickstarter Campaign – Cobra Island

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