Shibito (Warrior Monk) Revealed!

Shibito (Warrior Monk) Revealed!

The Fwoosh revealed one of their stretch goal figures, Shibito (Warrior Monk)!

Out of the 7 blurred out Stretch Goal figures, Shibito was voted as the first character you guys wanted to see revealed, well here he is!

Performing the solitary training exercise Mugen No Baransu (infinite balance) at the peak of Mount Hiei, the warrior monk Ichiro was absent when his home temple was attacked by rivals. Ichiro returned to a temple gutted by fire, his fellow warriors dead. Overcome by rage and grief, Ichiro declared himself dead as well in honor of his fallen brothers, taking the name Shibito. After single-handedly taking revenge on those responsible, Shibito was left a warrior without a home. He found brief respites in quiet villages and took menial jobs to survive, but found he couldn’t keep from using his considerable skills to help the weak. As his reputation grew, so did those who wished to challenge his skills. Shibito found that he was not destined for a life of peace.

Thanks again to our friends at A.C.B.A. for running the poll, it’s still live and we’re going to use the voting as the order of the reveals over the coming days.

And if you are just finding out about this now, head on over to our kickstarter campaign and take a look!

Big thanks to all of our supporters and everyone who is helping to spread the word on social media, every little bit helps get these made!

If the Kickstarter reaches $225,000, Shibito will be unlocked, so be sure to contribute to the Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickstarter!

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