Stalker from JLW515 Customs

Stalker from JLW515 Customs

JLW515 Customs dropped yet another awesome custom for us to see on our forums.

This one is a custom of one of everyone’s favorite Ranger, Stalker.

This is simply a 25th Stalker head sculpt, which IMHO is the best. I just do not like that 30th version with the braided pony tail. However, I like the 30th body sculpt and paint apps the best. Marauders just announced an “Ambush-Ops” camo figure, that I’m sure I will use one day for either an updated or alternate Stalker custom.

I think I spent more time customizing Stalker’s file card than I did figure! LOL! In my Joeverse, Stalker is the First Sergeant. I think he was portrayed this way in the early Marvel comics. Stalker always seemed like a team leader. So, in my Joeverse I’ve made some rank changes and branch changes that I think work better and add some military diversity to the team – except for Cutter, he’s the only Coast Guardsman on the team!

Since my Joeverse is set “in the not so distant future” (kind of like the X-Men and GIJOE movies) I try to make the file cards as generic as can be so that they are not dated to a particular time period.

You can check out the rest of the pictures and let JLW515 know what you think by visiting the thread on our forums here.

Don’t forget to check out all his customs on his blog G.I. Joe Revisited.

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