Planet Green Valley Modified Joint 3D Model and New Exoskeleton Design

Weihua Wei of Planet Green Valley has shared new 3D Renders showcasing changes made to the joint system that will be offered with the Planet Green Valley figures. Displayed in the 3D renders is the Alliance Security Force figure. The new joint system looks promising, giving the figures a full range of motion. 

Also included in the renders are designs for a new Exoskeleton! Weihua notes that if enough fans are interested in the Exoskeleton, it’ll be put in to production, so make sure to make your voice heard if you’re interested! They look fantastic I would certainly add quite a few to my collection (if the price is right, of course). 

We’ve mirrored a gallery of 8 images showcasing the new joint design alongside the proposed Exoskeleton that you can check out by reading more below. What are your thoughts on Planet Green Valley so far? Are you excited for this new Space themed line? Share your thoughts with us on the Cobra Island Forums

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