Kit Lau posted a sketch of the Omanga soldiers, as well as their origin story, on his Acid Rain World Instagram page!

Omanga has developed nuclear technology and started to use nuclear plants to generate power. With the experience that nuclear power is far more efficient than fossil energy, they have more resources to develop biochemical and mechanical technology. Omanga has expanded the use of nuclear power to an unprecedented level. Finally its first generation nuclear plant at the north exploded in an accident and released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere. This catastrophic disaster has resulted half of the territory of Omanga and some of the neighbouring states were contaminated. Most of the populations at the north moved to the south. With resources pressure, Omanga has become more aggressive and started its invasion to the border of Gafia.

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Don’t Go Losing Your Head Over These New Arms!

Kit Lau posted an image on his Acid Rain World instagram page, showing the new arm construction being used to the Omanga soldiers!

A small step for future!
We will have different bodies for Omanga soldiers

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Laurel (Marine) Sketch Art!

Kit Lau posted a sketch of the Laurel (Marine) figures on his Acid Rain World Instagram page!

As the war becomes more frequent, the government needs to mobilize resources to battlefields more quickly, and it gives birth to Stronghold and Speeder. These transformable armours can deliver armaments to the battlefield more quickly. With the wars no longer sporadic, military spending has increased substantially to support development of armours for long lasting warfares. Developing all rounded type of armor is the trend. To minimize the casualties of the soldiers so that they can stay longer on the battlefield, Laurel System is fully developed. This is the first time the system was developed by a private company. For this reason, the non-military parts of the Laurel System was exported to other countries. To maximize its ability for general use, it is designed to couple with additional arms, some engineers also tailor make personalized armours for some individual soldiers.

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