Acid Rain World Broz Character Profile Now Available

The latest character profile from the Acid Rain World has been shared via the ARW Facebook Page. Check out the character profile for Broz, a Sentor from the Agurts faction: 

An Agurts senator hailing from the prestigious Broz family. With their immense wealth and network, they were pretty much guaranteed a seat when the senate was formed. His current allegiance resides with the new president, Ribar, who advocates policies to tighten welfare spending and focus on economic development. Regarding the Bucks Team scandal, Broz insisted on stern measures to demonstrate a zero tolerance attitude from the government. His positions are welcomed and supported by the rapidly growing middle class of Agurts. With the myriad of complicated interests and politics from both the Senate and the Broz family foundation, the only one whom he can let his guard down to is his beloved little Miss Broz.

These official stories and Bios help to flesh out the Acid Rain World, giving us backstories and tales surrounding these highly praised collectible offerings. Make sure to check out the full Bio here: Acid Rain World: Broz Profile

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