Amazing Heroes Factory Samples!

Amazing Heroes posted three new images of factory samples of their action figures!

Couple more factory pics…Final capes(these are on the older WIP prototype figures). They are a bit longer in order to make them look more tailored. Plus images of mass production Madman body…the head is still being painted as it’s being supervised by our Project Manager later this week.

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Amazing Heroes Action Figures Test Shots!

The folks behind Amazing Heroes Action Figures posted images of the test shots for their upcoming figures!

Here are some test shots out of the mold…more progress!!! We’re making a few minor tweaks. We want to use this mold for additional waves so it needs to be perfect.

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Look Out for the Black Terror!

Amazing Heroes revealed an image of their Black Terror action figure!

Here is Black Terror all put together at the factory…still working out the final paint applications, but it’s getting there. Cape’s looking pretty good.

Who is the Black Terror?  Well I’ll let Amazing Heroes tell you!

With his striking black costume with skull and crossbones, The Black Terror first busted out in 1942. When pharmacist Bob Benton is exposed to experimental vapors, he becomes an unstoppable crimefighting machine, along with his sidekick Tim. The best of the early Black Terror stories were produced by the team of artists Mort Meskin and Jerry Robinson, after Robinson helped create Batman’s trademark atmosphere.

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