Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Scraps Pre-Order Now Available!

Get those wallets ready! Our friends from Spero Studios have announced that Scraps from their Animal Warriors of the Kingdom line is now available for pre-order through Backerkit! You can grab Scraps as: 

  • Single Figure
  • 3 Pack
  • 6 Pack Troop Builder

But why stop there? You can add any of the AWOK offerings to your pre-order list, so visit the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Backerkit today and get your army ordered!

Will you be adding Scraps to your collection? Let us know on the Cobra Island Forums

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Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Prototype Reveals

As we get closer to the final stages of production for the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom line, our friends from Spero Studios continue to share images of prototype samples received from the factory. Once they arrive stateside, we’ll be treated to a ton of more pictures, including painted sample images! 

Are you one of the proud #AWOK Tribe Members that joined in on the Kickstarter campaign? If not, will you be adding Animal Warriors of the Kingdom to your collection once they’re available stateside? Share your thoughts on this fantastic new line with us on the Cobra Island Forums

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Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Unpainted Factory Samples In Hand!

Our friends from Animal Warriors of the Kingdom have just shared a new update via the AWOK Kickstarter Campaign Page. Here’s the scoop:

Unpainted Factory Samples!

We woke up to a great email full of unpainted factory samples from China! China will be having a national holiday from the 2-8th of October so the factory will ship these samples for us to look over the sculpt and engineering and make notes before we move onto the really fun color painted samples!

Once the samples arrive stateside we will take more photos and possibly post a video as well. This is a very important step in the production process and from the photos, we are very pleased with very few notes for the factory.

Backer Kit

We are closing in on unlocking Scraps for pre-order and will make him available to add to your order as soon as that goal is reached.

What are your thoughts on our first look at unpainted AWOK samples? How excited are you about unlocking Scraps? Discuss this and more on the Cobra Island Forums

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