Emerald City Exclusive IDW G.I.Joe 212 Cover Print Now Available!

Based on the Emerald City Exclusive cover to G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #212, this collector’s art print gives you a full view of the panoramic group shot of 280 COBRA villains, the most characters on any comic book cover ever! This cover is the definitive G.I. Joe’s rogues gallery, featuring nearly every enemy the G.I. Joe team has faced over their 33 year history. With characters representing all eras of G.I. Joe, from the toy lines (ARAH, Sgt. Savage, Extreme, Built To Rule, Sigma 6), cartoons (Sunbow, DiC), and comics (Marvel, DDP, IDW)!

The print measures 11 by 14 inches and is printed on heavy archival quality card stock and is part of a limited run of 250 prints.

This [url=http://www.emeraldcitycomics.com]Emerald City[/url] exclusive print comes signed by cover artist Adam Riches

About the artist: Best known for his work on G.I. Joe action figure packaging art, Adam Riches began his illustration career in 2008 with a pin-up in Mirage Studios’ Tales of the TMNT #52. Since then, his work has been featured on a variety of products, including shirts, posters, CD album art, trading cards, Tervis Tumbler drinking cups, “As Seen on TV” product packaging, instruction manuals, and more. Since 2012, Adam has been illustrating the packaging art for Hasbro’s official G.I. Joe Collector’s Club and Convention action figures. This is his first cover for IDW’s G.I. Joe A Real American Hero. You can view more of his work at www.AdamRiches.com


Get yours here before they’re gone! – [url=http://shop.emeraldcitycomics.com/EC-Exclusives-/G-I–Joe-A-Real-American-Hero-212-Emerald-City-Exclusive-Cobra-Variant-Print-Signed-by-Adam-Riches.php]IDW G.I.Joe A Real American Hero #212 Emerald City Comics Exclusive Cobra Variant Print[/url]

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IDW Publishing September 2015 G.I.Joe Solicitations

Check out the September 2015 G.I.Joe Solicitations from IDW Publishing. Coming this fall are:

  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #218 
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #218 Subscription Variant
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero TP (Vol 12)

We have a breakdown of each title to share with you, so continue reading for more info, join us for discussion on all things IDW right here on Cobra Island! [url=http://www.cobraisland.com/forums/showthread.php?22799-IDW-Publishing-September-2015-G-I-Joe-Solicitations&p=171971#post171971]IDW Publishing September 2015 G.I.Joe ARAH Solicitations Discussion – CobraIsland.com[/url]

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Gentle Giant SDCC 2015 Exclusive Jumbo Grunt And Micro Figure 2 Pack Reveal

Today, Gentle Giant revealed a new G.I.Joe A Real American Hero SDCC 2015 Exclusive piece that we’re excited to share! Via The Gentle Giant website comes word of their Exclusive Jumbo Grunt offering that will be making his grand appearance at San Diego Comic-Con! Needless to say, if you’re in to 12″ figures, then this is one you won’t want to miss! Our friends at HissTank were fortunate enough to review this figure, so make sure to check out their [url=http://news.hisstank.com/2015/06/12/g-i-joe-sdcc-2015-gentle-giant-jumbo-grunt-photo-shoot-54595]Gentle Giant Jumbo Grunt Photo Gallery & Review[/url]!

That wasn’t the only surprise unveiled by Gentle Giant today! Not only did we get to see their Convention Exclusive Jumbo offering, but we were also introduced to their G.I.Joe A Real American Hero Micro-Figure 2 Pack! The set includes Snake Eyes & Rock N Roll, both based on their ARAH v1 versions…and when they say Micro, they aren’t kidding! These figures fit right in palm of your hand!

Now, in order to get your hands on either offering, you’ll need to be a part of Gentle Giant’s Premium Guild. We have a ton of more information available for you, so continue reading for more details & images of Gentle Giant’s G.I.Joe A Real American Hero Exclusive Reveals! 

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IDW G.I.Joe ARAH 214 The Death Of Snake Eyes Part 3

This is it…part 3 of the story arch that brings us the death of the G.I.Joe Commando Ninja Extraordinaire, Snake Eyes. We have a 5 page preview to share with you after the jump, so continue reading to check it out and to share your thoughts on this latest blockbuster issue of G.I.Joe A Real American Hero!

[B]G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #214—The Death of Snake Eyes, Part 3[/B]


FC • 32 pages

[I]The end of the road for SNAKE EYES… The events of this issue will change G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero forever![/I]

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CobraStickers.com Is Moving To Better Serve You!

If you’re in to restoring vintage ARAH vehicles, then this bit of info is right up your alley! Our friend WildBill from CobraStickers.com stopped by to share the word that Cobra Stickers is moving! Read on for intel direct from WB –


Cobrastickers.com is moving! In an effort to be more efficient with order processing and shipping we will be moving our warehouse/processing centre and print shop into one location. What does this mean for you, the client? No more limited stock quantity! Orders will be printed on demand and in most cases shipped the same day by a team of CS minions! Faster shipping! Orders will no longer be shipped by one person in a small cramped basement furnace room(think Milton from office space).

New website! CS will be combining forces with sister companies and merging websites. The portal will be similar but clients will have the opportunity to order from both CS and sister companies in the same order! The only down side to the move is that stock quantities will not be restocked until the merger is complete. We expect to have the bugs worked out in the next two to three weeks.


The CS team


You can join in on the discussion already in progress after the break!

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Collecting the art of G.I.JoeVolume 1 Kickstarter by 3DJoes

3DJoes stopped by to share his latest project with us. For those of you that love vintage G.I.Joe A Real American Hero artwork, then this’ll definitely spark your interest! Here are the details –

Collecting the art of G.I. Joe: Volume 1 (1982–1983) is now seeking funding on Kickstarter!

Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe: Volume 1 is a 60 page 8″x11″ celebration of the painted art of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero. It covers the first two years of figures, vehicles, playsets and peripheral painted art, and includes a foreword by the original G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero Brand Manager, Kirk Bozigian!

Don’t miss the sponsor opportunities and the Kickstarter exclusive “To the Rescue” and “Stars and Stripes Forever” posters, limited to 100 copies of each.

The campaign ends ends on June 8th, so please make a pledge today!

[url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3djoes/collecting-the-art-of-gijoe-volume-1-1982-1983]Collecting the art of G.I.Joe: Volume 1 (1982-1983)[/url]

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GI Joe A Real American Hero Now Available On Vimeo

Not too long ago, we reported that [url=http://www.cobraisland.com/forums/showthread.php?22476-Joe-and-the-rest-of-Hasbro-Toons-stream-to-Vimeo&p=171357#post171357]G.I.Joe A Real American Hero and G.I.Joe Renegades are coming to Vimeo[/url]. That wait ends now, as G.I.Joe ARAH is now available!

In case you don’t have the set on DVD, for $40.00 you can download the entire ARAH series, which you can both stream and permanently download all of the episodes for your personal collection. How can you beat that? Check it out below, then join us after the break for discussion already in progress!

IDW G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #213 Preview

Check out the latest G.I.Joe A Real American Hero preview from our friends at [url=https://www.idwpublishing.com]IDW Publishing[/url]!

G.I. JOE’s original Ninja Commando confronts old enemies and new threats that may just put an end to Snake Eyes once and for all!

  • Story By: Larry Hama
  • Art By: S L Gallant
  • Colors By: J. Brown
  • Letters By: Neil Uyetake
  • Cover By: S L Gallant


  • Cover price: $3.99  Release Date: April 22, 2015

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Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe ARAH Rock n Roll v2 By Ska Lives!

Check out this spot on Custom Modern Era rendition of the [B]G.I.Joe Gatling Gunner[/B],[B] Rock & Roll v2[/B]! Created by CobraIsland.com forum member [url=http://www.cobraisland.com/forums/member.php?780-ska_lives]Ska_Lives[/url], this awesome custom piece stays true to it’s original roots while giving a breath of fresh life to this fan favorite G.I.Joe character! From Ska –

I wanted to keep it as close to the original source material as possible, yet still update and tweak a few items. The harness is completely scratch built, and outside of the color and lack of grenades, is pretty spot on IMO. The side rifle was tricky. I was hoping to find an extra one in my travels, yet never did so I opted to use something from the more modern figures. I then modified a holster to hold it. The originals molded on knife is now a usable machete as well.

I had a lot of fun making this figure and I hope that you guys enjoy it as well!


You can check out more images and a full parts list after the break!

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G.I. Joe A Real American Hero 216 Emerald City Cover Variant

Today via their [url=http://www.facebook.com/idwpublishing?fref=ts]Facebook Page[/url], IDW Publishing shared the EC (Emerald City) Cover Variant for their upcoming G.I.Joe A Real American Hero #216!

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #216 EC Cover by Andy Suriano will be available this July, so keep on the lookout for this special cover and 11 others!

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