G.I.Joe Meets The Six Million Dollar Man In New IDW Publishing Series

James Whitbrook over at io9 has just shared some interesting details on a new comic book series coming our way January 2018 from IDW Publishing. From io9 – 

io9 can exclusively reveal that IDW will be teaming up its G.I.Joe: Real American Hero comics with Dynamite Entertainment’s ongoing Six Million Dollar Man series for a four-part crossover series beginning next year. Written by Rocko’s Modern Life’s Ryan Ferrier with art from G.I. Joemainstay S.L. Gallant, the series will see the bionic Steve Austin go up against the Joes, and presumably get recruited into the fold to deal with a sinister new threat.

What’s your take on this upcoming series? Adding it to your read list, or skipping it all together? Share your opinion on the Cobra Island Forums

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