JLW515 Customs Breaker

JLW515 Customs stopped by to show us another awesome custom in his G.I. Joe Revisited series for us to see on our forums.

This one is everybody’s favorite Radio Operator, Breaker.

The base of this figure is the green Dollar General Shipwreck. I love this figure as an army builder. I wanted him to have short sleeves, but the upper Shipwreck arms look odd if you just put bare arms with them. So, I took a Duke figure that is cast in a light green and Dremeled the rolled sleeve cuffs to fit the bottom of Shipwreck’s upper arms. The bare arms and gloves are from POC Jungle Duke (I think). The head is from Bench Press.

The main thing for me was to incorporate the vintage ARAH head set with this custom.

So, I glued a ARAH Breaker head set to a DG Duke helmet. I used a SW Endor Trooper backpack because I like the way it looks with the small antennae and such. I drilled a hole in the side and glued the small phone handset from Lowlight. Also added another black ammo pocket to the right leg.

I really need to take some “action photos” of my figures.

Comments and critiques appreciated.


You can check out the rest of the pictures and let JLW515 know what you think by visiting the thread on our forums here.

Don’t forget to check out all his customs on his blog G.I. Joe Revisited.

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Early Marvel G.I.Joe Concept Drawings by Herb Trimpe

On Superbowl Sunday, the G.I.Joe Museum on Facebook delighted fans with a series of Early concept drawings by Herb Trimpe in the Marvel comic run. The images come courtesy of an awesome intern who made copies that were saved. There’s a few fan favorite characters included in the assortment…not to mention some rare gems like a look at Snake Eyes’ face. 

We’ve mirrored the gallery below, but make sure to head on over to the G.I.Joe Museum to check out other awesome offerings such as this one. Read on to check out early artwork of – Flash, Grand Slam, Breaker, Zap, Clutch, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Grunt, Rock ‘n Roll and Cover Girl. 

What are your thoughts on these early concept drawings? Let us know on the Cobra Island Forums

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