Adventure People

Adventure People Relaunch

The folks at Zica Toys had to cancel their previous Adventure People Kickstarter campaign because they switched factories!

However they launched a new campaign this week!  But there’s more!  They also included a new figure, Captain Evil’s Henchman!

Unfortunately if you already pledged to the original campaign, your pledge was cancelled so you’ll have to make a new pledge.  On the bright side, the new factory was able to offer their services at a lower price so the price per figure is much cheaper!

So what are you waiting for?!  Pledge your support to the Adventure People Kickstarter campaign today!

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Adventure People

Adventure People Kickstarter Live

The Adventure People Kickstarter Campaign, brought to you by Zica Toys is live!  These awesome toys are sculpted by Boss Fight Studio, one of our favorite up and coming toy companies!

You know the quality for the Adventure People figures will be top-shelf with Boss Fight on the job!

The first wave of Adventure People will be 4 inches tall (the same as G.I. Joe, and Marauder Task Force–Another toy line sculpted by Boss Fight Studio), and will feature tons of articulation!

The cast of characters featured will include Captain Action, Action Jackson, Jet Jungle, and Captain Evil!  On top of that, if the Kickstarter campaign reaches $60,000 then two Captain Action variants will be unlocked!

Don’t hesitate folks!  If you want to see these figures on your toy shelves, donate to the Adventure People Kickstarter today!

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Adventure People

Adventure People by Zica Toys

Zica Toys announced that they will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming toyline, Adventure People!

ZICA Toys is very excited to announce the official return of Adventure People! Launching via Kickstarter in January of 2016, the first assortment will consist of Captain Action, Captain Evil, Action Jackson, and Jet Jungle. Each figure will come with a total of 5 interchangeable hand sets which include closed fist, grip, and trigger finger. The grip and trigger finger sets come in two different wrist articulation types, one set has it on the X axis and one has it on the Y axis.
We’re also excited to be bringing back the REMCO brand name with the launch of the Adventure People line. When the Kickstarter goes live we hope we can can count on your support to help add this double dose of retro goodness to your collection.

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More Upcoming Captain Action Figures!

Zica Toys and Captain Action posted images of upcoming figures from the Captain Action toyline!

First up there’s the Amazing Heroes Captain Action figure!

Then there’s some test shots of figures from Zica Toys’ upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Here are the resin casts for 3 of the 5 figures that will be included in the Kickstarter. The remaining 2 figures will be revealed when the Kickstarter goes live, which will hopefully be soon. The next step is to have painted samples made. Almost there!

Captain Action!

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Captain Action!

Captain Action and Zica Toys shared some images of the upcoming Captain Action figures from Amazing Heroes Action Figures!

Hey Actioneers! As part of our 50th Anniversary celebration, here’s a new look at the Amazing Heroes figure! The Captain Action figure, as well as the rest of Amazing Heroes available on the Fresh Monkey Fiction in December for those who missed out on the Kickstarter. He’ll be available in 3 collector friendly packaging variations.
1) 4.5″ Amazing Heroes Captain Action(including gun) – Standard Amazing Heroes packaging – SRP $20.00
2) 4.5″ Amazing Heroes Captain Action(including gun) – Classic Edition packaging (limited to 300 pcs) with art by Murphy Anderson – SRP $25.00
3) 4.5″ Amazing Heroes Captain Action(including gun) – Modern Edition packaging (limited to 300 pcs ) with original art by Phil Hester – SRP $30.00 (limited signed versions also available at SRP $60.00)
And, don’t forget to look ot for the rest of the Amazing Heroes figures as well! Collect em all!

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Captain Action Package Art!

Thanks to Bleeding Cool we have a look at the package art for the upcoming Captain Action figure!

With the 50th anniversary if modular action figure Captain Action next year, here’s an advance look at the packaging for the 2016 Zica Toys figure…
Just one of the many events being lined up for 2016…

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Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto Talk to Action Figure Fury!

Action Figure Fury sat down with Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto for an interview, regarding the Captain Action franchise!

There’s a lot of great information about their various figures and comics, and the following information will be of interest to collectors of 4″ action figures!

AFF: Zica Toys has been promoting their 1/18th scale line as shipping in Summer 2015. Are we close to the release and will the first wave see Captain Action and the release of the Silver Streak?

Joe Ahearn: One of the coolest things about working with the team from ZICA is the Silver Streak they are developing for the line. As you probably know, the Silver Streak was Captain Action’s version of the Batmobile. It was an imaginative collectible and is still very sought after by vintage collectors. One thing that always bothered us, however, is that the Silver Streak looked long and sleek in the packaging illustrations, but the actual toy vehicle was a bit stubbier. We’ve worked with the gang from Zica to rectify this, and the new Silver Streak will more accurately reflect the idealized version from the packaging. (No pun intended.) And as its sculpted digitally, we’re plotting behind the scenes to figure out the best way to create a 1/6th scale version of it somewhere down the road.

We’re also planning additional characters for this line, including Dr. Evil and Lady Action. The Lady Action will be highly anticipated, we feel, because we’re designing an alternate outfit for her as part of this line.

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