Eagle Force Returns In Hand Samples, Card Backs and Poster Info

Our friends from Eagle Force Returns have shared quite the update via Kickstarter! Included in the update are sample images of upcoming Eagle Force Returns figures, along with a full block of card backs representing the 1st wave of offerings. That’s not all though! Bill also shared word on the awesome Eagle Force Eagle Island posters that will be available at DesignerCon! Here’s the scoop – 

We’ll be at Designer Con in Pasadena ,CA on Nov 11-12. Please stop by the booth, we’ll have the Eagle Force and Larry Hama prototypes at the show, along with some reveals for Wave 2 of Eagle Force, which will include character from Eagle Force, Monster Force and Heroes vs Villains. We’ll also have the 18×24 Eagle Force island poster..both the “Standard Edition” and the limited edition “Attack on Eagle Island” poster for sale.

These will be available on our website after the show. Plus we’ll have a few sets of The Drawn Word’s Eagle Force Trading Cards if you missed on their Kickstarter.

There you have it! Read more below to check out the full gallery of prototype samples, then join us on the Cobra Island Forums for discussion already in progress! 

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Eagle Force Returns Captain Eagle and Ultima Thule Tooling Samples

Over the weekend, the Eagle Force Returns Facebook page shared a pair of images that are sure to excite Eagle Force fans! We were treated to a pair of images showing off tooling samples for Captain Eagle and Ultima Thule! 

There’s a big update coming our way soon with a ton of more images, but for now, what are your thoughts on these early shots of Captain Eagle and Ultima Thule? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums!

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Eagle Force Returns Wave 1 Card Art Now Available

The Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page has shared our first look at the card art for Eagle Force Returns wave 1 by Steven Butler Studios, Designed by Jason Bienvenu and Colored by Marcie Klinger. Each wave will have 8 characters. Wave 1 is set to include: 

  • Captain Eagle
  • The Cat
  • Stryker Jr. 
  • Eagle Force Trooper
  • R.I.O.T. Shock Trooper
  • Firebug
  • Fireball
  • R.I.O.T. Commando

Eagle Force will be invading our collections in just a few months! Are you excited to add these awesome offerings from Fresh Monkey Fiction to your collection? Sound off on the Official Eagle Force Returns Discussion Thread right here on the Cobra Island Forums

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