Eagle Force HQ – SITREP on Eagle Force

The latest Eagle Force HQ update was shared shared today by our friends at The Drawn Word. We’ve mirrored the update for you below, so check it out then join us on the CobraIsland.com Forums for discussion already in progress! 

Here’s where we go from here…

A ton has been going on with Eagle Force lately. For those of you following, Bill at Fresh Monkey Fiction made the call to retool the Eagle Force Returns figures. This will add a few more months to the final delivery while the final figures are perfected, and I’m going to use the extra time to focus on more Cat stories, and extra Eagle Force goodies:

  • Eagle Force Legends: Those of you who ordered the second pack (Redwing) back in September, I finally got those out last week. The hang-up was that my metal card vendor was delayed more than usual. I had a Legends idea that will reward you, the die-hards. Every month, I’ll do a digital pack of Legends cards, which will have about three of the classic Eagle Forcers (or R.I.O.T.ers!). With enough designed and under our belt, we can then look to printing a limited edition pack. Also, I have about half a dozen of Pack #2, which has Redwing, the Blackbird design preview, and the Tannis Rand metal card. Email me if you want dibs on one! I’m selling them for $20, which includes shipping.
  • The Cat: Seize the Castle should go out to backers by mid-December! After I get through the semester here, I plan on starting the third Cat novella, Face the Night.
  • Eagle Force MEGA is still alive and well. I still hope to get that original card set done, and am waiting to time them for sometime next summer
  • Finally, I have a trading card checklist, designed at trading card size, and good for printing!

P.S.: I also reduced some of my earlier trading card sets for quick sale over the holidays. I also have a deal to send out loose cards. Check it out!

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