Mid Spring Update has shared word on a huge Mid-Spring Update! There’s so many new restoration sets to choose from. We’ve only mirrored a few of the new offerings here, including: 

This is only just a taste of the new sets available, so make sure to head over to for more! Will you be restoring any old favorites thanks to these new offerings? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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Cobra Stickers Officially Announces Moving in With Toy Hax!

When asked about the move, Toy Hax had this to say:

My last room mate was terrible!  He left his dishes in the sink for weeks!  We had a ton of flies!  Cobra Stickers is great about getting that stuff done, and he’s conscious about not making a mess!

But seriously, here’s the official announcement:

We are up and running! is fully moved into our new website at All the same products you’ve grown to love and some new ones are now available for order. Please note that our clients will have to create a new profile/user account on the new site. Cobrastickers is now on Facebook! Check us out and join the group. Our full customer photo library has been added. Now you can add your own custom photos to the FB page. Thank you to all our clients for continuing to support us through the change.

The CS team.

Check out the Cobra Stickers storefront on Toy Hax!

Cobra Stickers discussion!

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Marauder Inc Marauder Task Force Sticker Design Contest

Our friends from [url=]Marauder Inc[/url] have posted up a new “contest” of sorts that will allow you to submit logo designs that may be used as stickers for MTF figures! Continue reading to hear the scoop directly from Marauder_John, then join us after the break to talk all about it!

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Custom Modern Era Destros Submarine By BlackDragon

There’s a new danger in the deep and it’s on the hunt for G.I.Joe! Check out this fantastic Custom Modern Era Destro’s Submarine by forum member [url=]BlackDragon[/url]. Using a True Heroes Submarine as a base and bringing the vessel to life with the help of [url=]Cobra Stickers[/url], this new piece of Cobra Hardware is sure to rule the oceans! The USS Flagg better watch it’s stern!

You can check out more images and share your thoughts on this custom with us here on the forums! Just head on over to the [url=]Destro’s Submarine Thread[/url]!

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