What’s on Joe Mind? Episode 100!

The 100th episode of What’s on Joe Mind? is now online!

ZOMG!  It’s here…finally.  We recorded this well before JoeCon, but it is a MONSTER episode.  We figured we should put out something worthy of 100, so here is our biggest show ever!  It’s all about you the listeners and us thumping our chest a little bit.  Afterall, 100 shows is no small feat.  It takes a lot of work and time, so we figured we would enjoy ourselves on this one, share some memories and look back at what make the previous 99 so special.  Along the way we are joined by Bill Murphy from Fresh Monkey Fiction and Craig from Zica Toys to talk to us about their Captain Action and Eagle Force revival campaigns who talk to us about their upcoming Kickstarter slated for later this summer.  They share with us a big announcement that you will want to hear!  We are also joined by Cobra Commander…yes, the genuine article joins us to read your letters in the mailbag.  It’s all the pre-JoeCon news, your calls and our memories.  Thanks for listening and being part of this awesome ride!  We hope you enjoy this epic #100.

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Rank And File Guide Vol 1 And RAHC Guide Are Now Available As A Set!

Mr. James Kavanaugh, aka KuuKuuSon has issued a press release regarding his two G.I.Joe titles, R.A.H.C. Guide and the newly released Rank & File Guide Vol 1. Check it out –

The Rank & File Guide Vol 1 and R.A.H.C. Guide are now available as a set!

Update: The Rank & File Guide Vol 1 and R.A.H.C. Guide are now available as a set! Subscribe to the newsletter at: rahc.guide@gmail.com.

Hello and, WOW, it’s been a whirlwind last two weeks! Joe Con 2015 started for me on Tuesday, the 7th and ended for me on Monday, the 13th. It has since taken me a week to recover, I might be getting old… MIGHT.

I can’t thank everyone enough who attended and supported the Rank & File Guide Vol. 1!! In that time, I have taken the time to take stock in the current situation of the R.A.H.C. Guide and how to facilitate transactions beyond payment for one or both guides. The new format of the Rank & File Guides has required alternative shipping materials to ensure a cost effective, yet sturdy enough, solution to deliver your guides in a safely and timely manner. Those material purchases are being finalized this weekend. The R.A.H.C. Guide’s storage facilities are also at maximum capacity so we are currently only opening Rank & File sales to those who are interested in both guides. The R.A.H.C. Guide is available individually and the shipping preparation for the first guide is a qualitative solution for both guides but not for the thinner Rank & File Guide. The R.A.H.C. Guide is also currently available on it’s own for $40.

The website will be updated to reflect the availability of both guides soon but can currently be ordered via PayPal by sending $60 (U.S. residents only) and $79 for international customers. The PayPal address is:


Also on the horizon is an updated website. The original was a quick design to help facilitate the overwhelming demand for the first guide, yet not easy to update in a timely fashion. And again, both guides are very limited (the R.A.H.C. Guide stock is running VERY low) so don’t miss your chance to own these self published guides! Thanks again for your patience, understanding and support for these guides, it truly is the source of my inspiration and motivation!

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Custom Modern Era Destros Submarine By BlackDragon

There’s a new danger in the deep and it’s on the hunt for G.I.Joe! Check out this fantastic Custom Modern Era Destro’s Submarine by CobraIsland.com forum member [url=http://www.cobraisland.com/forums/member.php?27-BlackDragon]BlackDragon[/url]. Using a True Heroes Submarine as a base and bringing the vessel to life with the help of [url=http://www.cobrastickers.com]Cobra Stickers[/url], this new piece of Cobra Hardware is sure to rule the oceans! The USS Flagg better watch it’s stern!

You can check out more images and share your thoughts on this custom with us here on the CobraIsland.com forums! Just head on over to the [url=http://www.cobraisland.com/forums/showthread.php?22347-Destros-Submarine&p=171046#post171046]Destro’s Submarine Thread[/url]!

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That’s the Way We All Became the Tiger Force!

DESTRO of HISS Tank posted images of the Tiger Force members from this year’s JoeCon exclusive box set!

Included in the set were StalkerRecondoDial Tone, and Lifeline!

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