NJCC BossFightStudio’s Ultimate Spartan Glory!

While NJCC is typically a fun and wallet emptying trade show where we can all let our nerd flags fly and find and barter some great deals to knock a few things off our want lists, it is slowly becoming a spot where our 3 3/4 third party awesomeness can really get some attention and show off their talents!

BossFightStudios the household name in independent 3 3/4 products leads the pack with their NJCC exclusive reveal of “The Ultimate Spartan” from their Vitruvian Hacks Series One!

Also on display was several pre production pieces that have been coming out of production and those who were part of the Kickstarter and expect to start arriving the 4th Quarter of this year!!

Be sure to check out the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. series 1 discussion to tell us which one is your favorite figure! (Ultra Magnus’ favorite is Euryale.  Did he mention that?)

Check out the official Boss Fight Studio Facebook page for news and updates!


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Pixel Dan posts his JoeCon Epic Toy Haul!

While JoeCon may be over and all the Vipers are slithering back home to their own beds the fun isn’t completely over!

As Pixel Dan himself enjoys in this video, once the Con is over it is time for everyone to go through their Haul and play with their new Toys!

Make sure you check out Pixel Dan and his amazing YouTube feed … Like and Subscribe and let him know to keep attending JoeCon!

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Pixel Dan interviews BossFightStudios!!

As if a one on one with Hasbro Management and Full Hasbro Panel video wasn’t enough Pixel Dan refuses to let up on the awesomeness!

Pixel Dan gets up close and personal with Boss Fight Studios Dave and Eric as they talk about Vitruvian Hacks and More!

Make sure you check out Pixel Dan and his amazing YouTube feed … Like and Subscribe and let him know to keep attending JoeCon!

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Pixel Dan presents Full Video of Hasbro Panel!

Continuing with a showcase of amazing videos from Pixel Dan. We have full video coverage of the Hasbro Panel at Joecon!

Make sure you check out Pixel Dan and his amazing YouTube feed … Like and Subscribe and let him know to keep attending JoeCon!

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Pixel Dan interviews Mark Weber and Derryl Depreist!

The Man with All the Toys himself, Pixel Dan made his JoeCon debut this year! Anyone familiar with his work knows that Dan gets right into the trenches and gets the info we want to know!

Part of his visit to Springfield he stopped by for a Q&A and case walkthrough with none other than Mark Weber GiJoe Brand Manager and Derryl Depreist VP of Global Brands!

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JoeCon 2015 Exclusive Tiger Force vs Iron Grenadiers Box Set Review

The Gents from ToyWorldOrder have posted a video review of the 2015 JoeCon Exclusive Tiger Force vs Iron Grenadiers Box Set! Check it out below while we wait for everyone to get their fill on exclusives later on this evening. Make sure to join us after you’ve checked out the video for JoeCon 2015 discussion in progress!

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JoeCon Exclusives Breakdown!!


News is breaking left and right from those arriving in Springfield!

While no pictures have yet surfaced we do have confirmation of the exclusives that will be offered this year..

  • Iron grenadiers air assault 2-pack LE 900
  • TF helicopter crew 3-pack LE 800
  • TF helicopter LE 600
  • Tiger shark w/felino LE 800
  • Tiger sting w/sgt katzenjammer-Bogen LE 800
  • Iron anvil officer w/parachute LE 600
  • Kreo 6 Pack LE 600

Hopefully we will start to see photos start to arrive by morning!

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JoeCon 2015 Possible Hint At Exclusives

Today via his [url=https://www.facebook.com/robertatkinsart?fref=ts]Facebook Page[/url], Mr. Robert Atkins posted word that he’ll be in Springfield for JoeCon 2015 this weekend. This, of course, is already known (and many are excited to see him!)

What really caught my eye was a piece of artwork he shared. This piece references the Tiger Force vs. Iron Grenadiers theme of this years convention. Of note are some of the items found within the artwork:

  • Tiger Shark – In the first panel, you can see the silhouette of a Water Moccasin skimming away while the Tiger Force team deploys from the Eagle Hawk, possibly giving us our first heads up on a Tigershark exclusive.
  • Tigerhawk – The Eagle Hawk that the Club eluded to earlier. Not sure on who the pilot is; maybe Skystriker? Looks more like another Steel Brigade Delta figure, but let’s leave it as speculation for now.

Two things are for sure – The artwork is fantastic and we’ll know what the exclusives are soon enough! Keep it locked on Cobra Island for live coverage from JoeCon 2015!

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