Early Marvel G.I.Joe Concept Drawings by Herb Trimpe

On Superbowl Sunday, the G.I.Joe Museum on Facebook delighted fans with a series of Early concept drawings by Herb Trimpe in the Marvel comic run. The images come courtesy of an awesome intern who made copies that were saved. There’s a few fan favorite characters included in the assortment…not to mention some rare gems like a look at Snake Eyes’ face. 

We’ve mirrored the gallery below, but make sure to head on over to the G.I.Joe Museum to check out other awesome offerings such as this one. Read on to check out early artwork of – Flash, Grand Slam, Breaker, Zap, Clutch, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Grunt, Rock ‘n Roll and Cover Girl. 

What are your thoughts on these early concept drawings? Let us know on the Cobra Island Forums

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John Royle G.I.Joe Cover Sneak Peek Featuring Cover Girl and Stalker

Mr. John Royle treated followers of his Instagram account to a fantastic sneak peek of a new G.I. Joe cover featuring Cover Girl and Stalker, up against Cobra H.I.S.S. Tanks! A few teasers of this piece have been shared over the month, leading up to these beautiful piece of artwork shown here. 

John notes that he thought for this G.I.Joe cover he’d go simple for a change and do a large Cover Girl shot with simple background; He loves drawing them so much that he got lost in the fun of it and it didn’t turn out that way! 😂

We can’t wait to see the full color version of this killer piece of G.I.Joe artwork! What are your thoughts in this piece? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums!

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She Took on Cobra!

Brian Miller a.k.a. Oktopolis posted his latest G.I. Joe-themed artwork, She Took on Cobra! FIRST LOOK! “She Took on COBRA!” by @OktopolisArt GI Joe Con exclusive for Top Shelf Toys #YoJoe #HailCobra You can check out more of Brian Miller’s work on his Oktopolis Facebook page, Oktopolis Twitter page, Oktopolis Instagram page, and Oktopolis website! What do you … Read moreShe Took on Cobra!

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