Cryptid Toys Update! Green Army Man!

Cryptid Toys posted a couple of updates today on Facebook!

Hello all! As it sometimes does, life gets in the way of things and that’s exactly what happened the last half of this summer. Apologies for the lack of updates but don’t worry, this line is still moving ahead. There will be a handful of reveals starting today and continuing throughout the two weeks or so. Thanks for your continued support and interest in the Army Alphas line!

Here’s a look at another Kickstarter Exclusive! The Green Army Man with removable base!

Cryptid Toys discussion!

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Prototypes of the Swat Team, Skeleton, and Soldier figures from Cryptid Toys!

Cryptid Toys posted images of the prototypes for their Swat Team, Skeleton, and Soldier figures!

Here are the unpainted prototypes for the Soldiers, SWAT, and Skeleton figures. (Many more pics in the albums!) These are very close to what the final sculpts will look like however there will be a couple changes. First and foremost, the Soldier/SWAT sculpt will be getting DOUBLE JOINTED ELBOWS AND BICEP SWIVELS! The prototypes will not have this added articulation but the final production figures will have it. The Skeleton’s set of gripping hands will also be tightened so he can hold the accessories better. Again, the prototypes will not have this change but the final production figures will have the updated hands.

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