Cryptid Toys 1:12 Super Articulated Blanks Kickstarter Campaign Funded!

Have you heard the news? The 1:12 Scale Super Articulated Blanks Kickstarter Campaign has reached its initial funding level! As such, the team at Cryptid Toys have shared a campaign update via Kickstarter that’s sure to put a smile on your face. Check it out – 

Hey backers, a BIG thank you to each and every one of you for making this campaign a success! We are currently about 110% funded which is awesome! The angry skeleton head and alternate hands have been unlocked and will now be included with every skeleton figure in the correct color at no extra charge. The next stretch goal to unlock is the Red Skeleton! We are currently about $1200 away from hitting that one. 

What are your thoughts on the news? I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to get that Red Skeleton unlocked, so let’s help share the word! There’s a little over 2 days let to go in the campaign, so time is running out! Join us after the break for discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island Forums!

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Cryptid Toys 1:12 Super Articulated Blanks Kickstarter Update

The team at Cryptid Toys have shared a campaign update via Kickstarter regarding the proposed height for the Skeleton blanks. Votes have been cast and tallied…and we have a winner! Project backers have opted for a taller Skeleton and Cryptid Toys will move forward with the adjusted height! They’ve shared a gathering of images showing the size comparison against Marvel Legends, Mythic Legions and more, so make sure to read more below to check out the assortment. Here’s the scoop from Cryptid – 

Thanks to everyone who took the survey and weighed in on which sized skeletons they’d like. There were over 200 people who completed the survey on SurveyMonkey as well as many comments on social media. The response was clear that the slightly taller skeleton is what the most people preferred. From the survey: 113 said slightly taller, 47 said either one was fine, and 46 wanted the original height. In addition, there were about 18 comments between Instagram and Facebook for the slightly taller one and only about 5 for the original height. 

Sorry to those that wanted the skeletons to stay at the original height but these slightly taller ones are only about 1/4″ taller and are still in scale with Marvel Legends and other similar lines. I’m aware some people wanted these skeletons to be in scale with larger lines like Mythic Legions and Masters of the Universe Classics but those are simply too much larger than the Legends sized figures that these will still be in scale with. There are several comparison pictures included with various figures so have a look at those. 

Also, the stretch goals have been altered slightly… Many of you are very excited for the additional parts for the skeletons so those will now be offered in an earlier stretch goal. This moves the male blanks down to $50,000 before those get unlocked. Let’s get those bad boys unlocked!

What are your thoughts on the news? Join us after the break for discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island Forums!

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Cryptid Toys 1:12 Super Articulated Blanks Articulation Breakdown

The team at Cryptid Toys have just updated their Facebook page with an Articulation Breakdown for their new 1:12 Super Articulated Blanks figures that are currently being offered via Kickstarter. As you can see, the points of articulation on this 6″ figure are no joke! 

The campaign is currently at just above $18K, with its initial funding goal set at $30K. As the campaign reaches its stretch goals, we’ll see even more 6″ Skeleton, Male and Female blanks, so make sure to head over to the campaign and get your pledge in! 

Cryptid Toys 1:12 (6″ Scale) Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign

Do you plan to contribute to the campaign? Decided to skip it all together? Share your thoughts with us on the Cobra Island Forums

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Cryptid Toys 1:12 6″ Scale Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks

The time has finally come for 1:12 (6 inch) Super Articulated Blanks!  Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Blanks will be great for customizers in need of base figures, artists looking for drawing models, or collectors who just want to add some more figures to their collections. 

Each action figure has all the necessary points of articulation that collectors have come to expect in addition to interchangeable parts. These figures are in scale with Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse, DC Universe Classics, Mezco’s One:12 Collective, and many other collector lines.

The Skeleton is the first figure offered and will be available in Bone, Grey, and Black.  Each Skeleton currently comes with an extra set of gripping hands.  Stretch goals for different colors and additional parts to be included with each figure at no extra cost will be unlocked should the funding goal meet the indicated amounts. 

Brand new Male and Female blanks will be unlocked if the funding level reaches those stretch goal amounts as well! Make sure to get your contribution in early and let’s get more awesome items unlocked! You can join the campaign here –

Cryptid Toys 1:12 Scale Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign

Will you be joining in? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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Cryptid Toys Update! Green Army Man!

Cryptid Toys posted a couple of updates today on Facebook!

Hello all! As it sometimes does, life gets in the way of things and that’s exactly what happened the last half of this summer. Apologies for the lack of updates but don’t worry, this line is still moving ahead. There will be a handful of reveals starting today and continuing throughout the two weeks or so. Thanks for your continued support and interest in the Army Alphas line!

Here’s a look at another Kickstarter Exclusive! The Green Army Man with removable base!

Cryptid Toys discussion!

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