The Joe Report sits down with Derryl Depreist!

Our Friends at Patches of Pride who publish The Joe Report recently got a chance to have a One on One sit down with Hasbro Global Marketing VP Derryl Depreist!!

The Joe Report which is dedicated to the fandom and support for the rich history of G.I.Joe 12in and it’s classic heritage not only addressed that but also was able to give us a great glimpse into the man himself and what motivates Derryl Depreist to make G.I.Joe all that he can even if the future of 12in scale doesn’t rest with Hasbro!

A Small Excerpt …

‘My long answer to a short question is… As passionate as the 12-inch fans are—and I’m one of them, because my story’s built on 12-inch, I came to Hasbro to take over the GIjOE line, I have launched many lines internally—it’s (unfortunately) a small but passionate business; not big enough to sustain.

Our focus now is Joe-Cobra. That’s not to say Joe-Cobra couldn’t be 12-inch, but the days of a kind of generic GIjOE and razor/blades phenomenon or Timeless Collection stuff are in the past.”

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Pixel Dan interviews Mark Weber and Derryl Depreist!

The Man with All the Toys himself, Pixel Dan made his JoeCon debut this year! Anyone familiar with his work knows that Dan gets right into the trenches and gets the info we want to know!

Part of his visit to Springfield he stopped by for a Q&A and case walkthrough with none other than Mark Weber GiJoe Brand Manager and Derryl Depreist VP of Global Brands!

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