The Urban Playset By ReadySetz

CobraIsland’s illustrious leader J.D. came across this rather interesting playset from ReadySetz. It’s a large, fold-out diorama style playset with what appears to be a ton of playability. The main structure features 2 Detachable Ramps, 1 Transforming Helicopter Pad and 1 Detachable Water Tower! The ReadySetz Facebook Page has a ton of detail regarding the playset, but we decided to instead share images direct from their website for you to feast our eyes on. Check it out – 

Not only does this playset appear to hold a ton of play value for kids, but looks to be a home run of those of us that like taking pictures of our toys. This Diorama seems to have a bit of everything and I may have to pick one up and see it up close and personal for myself. We’ve mirrored a video showing the playset in action, so make sure to join us after the break to check it out. 

What are your thoughts on The Urban Playset by Readysetz? Is this something that you would add to your collection, or to the collection of your little one? Join us for discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island Forums

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While at the 2017 Dirty South G.I. Joe Meet, we were fortunate enough to pick up one of the amazing Diorama backdrops offered by Chris at He had such a wide selection available that it made hard for us to pick only one. In the end, we opted for the Cobra Stage Backdrop. 

This amazing piece is professionally printed on high quality gloss stock in vibrant colors. We mounted our piece on foam core, but you could easily stand this backdrop up without it. We’ve shared a gallery of 25 images showing the versatility of the dio backdrop, as it looks as much at home with vintage figures as it does with your modern era Cobra Army. 

You can get this backdrop and many others like it by visiting! Read on to check out our gallery, then join us after the break to share your thoughts with us on the Cobra Island Forums

Read Mini Dio – Cobra Stage Backdrop Gallery

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