Custom Zartans Lair G.I.Joe x He-Man Crossover Playset By Kevin Breaux

As if the Fury Force offerings weren’t cool enough, check out this amazing He-Man x G.I.Joe Crossover Custom Zartan’s Lair by Mr. Kevin Breaux! Not only is Kevin an award winning Author & Artist, he also runs the Castle BroSkull Blog where you can see this piece and other custom awesomeness! 

Using an original Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull as a base, Kevin added amazing detail to this piece. If you take a look, you’ll see: 

  • Actual Leather on the Skull to simulate the look of the Dreadnok Logo
  • A sculpted moat that holds water
  • Working lights
  • A lounge area to enjoy grape soda and donuts, of course
  • The Throne of Dread, Zartan’s domain
  • So much more

From The BroSkull Blog: This was a big job for me. I was approached to make a Dreadnok style Castle Grayskull. I immediately had an amazing idea. I wanted to make Zartan’s Swamp Lair. And I knew just how to transform the Castle Grayskull to make it work. I don’t want to reveal all my secrets. But….I used gravel, leather, sand, stickers, paint, lights, treasure chests, jewels, and MUCH MORE!

Want to add this piece or something like it to your collection? Then make sure to give Castle BROSkull a like on Facebook and send Kevin a message! What are your thoughts on this awesome crossover playset? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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G.I.Joe Collectors Club Heartwrencher and Dreadnok Stinger 4×4 Preorder Now Available

Our friends from Just Another G.I.Joe Show stopped by to give us the heads up that the G.I.Joe Collectors Club Heartwrencher and Dreadnok Stinger 4×4 are now available for pre-order! Here’s the scoop from the Club – 

2018 GI Joe 3 3/4″ Club Exclusive Vehicle with Figure Set: Dreadnok Ground Assault 4-WD Vehicle w/ Dreadnok Mechanic Heartwrencher Figure

The Dreadnoks use this specially designed armored strike vehicle to clear a path for their raids on military installations. It features two opening gull-wing doors and four ground-to-air rockets.

Heartwrencher is one of the few women to become a member of the Dreadnok’s gang. This former mechanic and chop shop operator has an appropriate nickname, since she is often seen wielding a large wrench as a combat weapon. When she’s behind the wheel of the Dreadnok Ground Assault 4-WD vehicle, the G.I. Joe team better clear the skies, because her ground-to-air rockets are going to bring the BOOM!


Order is billed at the time the order is placed.


To change any addresses on pre-orders please contact our office at 817-448-9863 ext.0. You can also email or

Will you be adding the Dreadnok Stinger and Heartwrencher to your modern era G.I.Joe collection? Join us for discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island Forums

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Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider!

The New Jersey Collector’s Convention announced that they will be giving away this beautiful gem as a door prize at their next convention!

New Jersey Collectors Con is proud to announce our 2015 Custom Giveaway Exclusive: Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider! Featuring our first original head sculpt and a host of weapons, Death Metal will also come with a custom Dreadnok vehicle.

We will be giving this custom set away as door prizes 1 per hour. When and Where Is The Next New Jersey Collectors Con?
Holiday Inn Cherry Hill – New Jersey
2175 West Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Sunday, August 2nd 2015!

Death metal: parts cast by Ragin Spoon and Nova
Guns and accessories by Marauder, Inc
Stickers by Cobrastickers

Direction, assembly and painting by KrymsynGardImmoral

Gator Raider
Parts cast by Nova
stickers by Cobrastickers
assembled and painted by KrymsynGardImmoral

parts for both projects provided in part by Kokomo Toys

You can check out more photos of Dreadnok Death Metal and his Gator Raider on Cobra Island’s Google + page!

Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider discussion!

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