Eagle Force Returns Shattered Peace Page 14 Now Available

The latest page from the Eagle Force Returns web comic, Shattered Peace, is now available for your reading pleasure! 

Rescue efforts are underway at the U.N. after the attack by R.I.O.T. Goldie Hawk  knows the threat that’s on the horizon…how will General Brown respond?

Eagle Force Returns: “Shattered Peace” Page 14 was written by Justin Bell and Illustrated by Ryan Lord. New page every Wednesday. What’s your take on this latest page reveal? Join us for discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island forums

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Eagle Force Returns Wave 1 Card Art Now Available

The Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page has shared our first look at the card art for Eagle Force Returns wave 1 by Steven Butler Studios, Designed by Jason Bienvenu and Colored by Marcie Klinger. Each wave will have 8 characters. Wave 1 is set to include: 

  • Captain Eagle
  • The Cat
  • Stryker Jr. 
  • Eagle Force Trooper
  • R.I.O.T. Shock Trooper
  • Firebug
  • Fireball
  • R.I.O.T. Commando

Eagle Force will be invading our collections in just a few months! Are you excited to add these awesome offerings from Fresh Monkey Fiction to your collection? Sound off on the Official Eagle Force Returns Discussion Thread right here on the Cobra Island Forums

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Zica Toys Update!

Zica Toys posted two updates recently, regarding the Adventure People Kickstarter, as well as the upcoming Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter!

First up we’ve got a look at Stryker, Jr!

Here is the 1st Eagle Force Returns concept image…Stryker Jr. He is the one of a few original characters that will be joining the Eagle Force Returns line up when we kick off the Kickstarter later this summer. We’ll be posting more concept images of other characters soon, but we posted this image because we wanted to highlight the fact that we’ll be sharing parts and accessories with ZICA Toys “The New Adventure People” Kickstarter which has just relaunched. If that Kickstarter funds, we’ll be able to offer cool figures like this right off the bat and not have to do them as stretch goals. We hope this image gives you an idea of the “bigger picture” for the toy lines that Fresh Monkey Fiction and ZICA Toys are co-developing. If you haven’t already please check out “The New Adventure People” Kickstarter at  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1728265268/the-new-adventure-people-0

Then we got a look at a new stretch goal for the Adventure People Kickstarter, the Strike Force Tooper!

$30,000 Stretch Goal!

If the funding goal reaches $30,000 our next army builder figure will be unlocked, the Strike Force Trooper! We’ll be offering it as a single figure for $20.00 (plus S&H), and in an army builder set of 7 figures for $100.00 (plus S&H). Assuming the stretch goal is met, the figure will be available for purchase via the Backerkit surveys that will be sent out after the Kickstarter ends.

So make sure to contribute to Zica Toys’ Adventure People Kickstarter if you want these awesome figures!

Zica Toys Adventure People discussion!

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Sgt Brown

Sgt Brown Eagle Force Returns

Bill Murphy of Fresh Monkey Fiction posted images of the 3D model of the head sculpt for Eagle Force Returns‘ Sgt Brown on the Fresh Monkey Fiction Fans Facebook page!

Hey Eagle Force Returns fans!!! Here is our head sculpt for Sgt Brown. Thought we’d share.

The Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter is gearing up to start soon so make sure to join the Fresh Monkey Fiction Fans Facebook group for all the latest news and updates!

Eagle Force Returns discussion!

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Eagle Force Returns Concept Art!

Eagle Force Returns posted some new concept art for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign!

Eagle Force Returns is brought to you by ZICA Toys, Fresh Monkey Fiction, and Boss Fight Studio! Check them out on Facebook!

Eagle Force Returns discussion!

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Pixel Dan interviews BossFightStudios!!

As if a one on one with Hasbro Management and Full Hasbro Panel video wasn’t enough Pixel Dan refuses to let up on the awesomeness!

Pixel Dan gets up close and personal with Boss Fight Studios Dave and Eric as they talk about Vitruvian Hacks and More!

Make sure you check out Pixel Dan and his amazing YouTube feed … Like and Subscribe and let him know to keep attending JoeCon!

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Awwwww! Sweet Nunchucks!

[url=https://www.facebook.com/eagleforcereturns]Eagle Force Returns[/url] posted a promo image of one of the figures they’ll be revealing at [b]JoeCon[/b]! [quote]We’re a week away from Joe Con…but here is a look at the 1st of the 3 new reveals that you can find at the Boss Fight Studio booth next week at the show…Kayo.[/quote] You can [url=http://www.cobraisland.com/forums/showthread.php?22094-Awwwww!-Sweet-Nunchucks!]discuss Kayo[/url] in … Read moreAwwwww! Sweet Nunchucks!