“Kunoichi” Fan Film

Forum member skinny stopped by to let us know about a new video he worked on, featuring some familiar looking characters.

From skinny:

Victoria Lee, myself, and a whole bunch of stunt performers including Amanda “Kick it like Cass” put together this short film featuring a woman warrior.
Shot and edited by Chazz Menendez

You can go check out the video on YouTube and leave them your feedback and talk about it on our forums here.

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Truly Outrageous – A Jem Fan Film

Check out this amazing Jem Fan Film, “Truly Outrageous”, courtesy of Chickbait.

Why is a Jem Fan Film being posted on Cobra Island you may ask? Because of the appearance of some Cobra’s in the film of course, including one of the best Baroness portrayals we’ve seen by Allison Scagliotti.

Special thanks to @skinnyjoefan on Twitter and Instagram for the heads up!

You can discuss this with us in our forums!

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JoeCon 2015 Fan Film Winner “Live the Adventure”!

This year at Joecon’s annual Fan Film Festival “Live The Adventure” took top honors!

Filmed and put together by The Finest a costume club elite Cobra Cosplay enthusiasts it really doesn’t hold anything back.

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