8 Bit Cobra T-Shirt

I stumbled across this awesome 8 Bit Cobra T-Shirt while browsing the internet today and felt the need to share, because it’s just too awesome to keep to myself.

The shirt is based on the classic Commodore 64 G.I. Joe game, featuring the Cobra Lineup.

You can get the shirt from the always awesome 80’s Tee’s

Here’s a comparison of the game image and the shirt image:

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Phweep’s Custom Female Cobra Empress Serpentor

The talented Phweep has posted yet another one of of his amazing gender bending G.I. Joe customs, this time bringing us the Cobra Empress, Serpentor!

You will go to Pheep’s Facebook page and check this amazing piece out. THIS I COMMAND!

What do you think of Phweep’s Customs? Let us know on the forums.

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Forgotten Figures – 1995 Sea Wolf

The great folks over at Forgotten Figures have posted a nice article detailing one particularly forgotten vehicle from 1995.

The vehicle in question is the Sea Wolf, an arctic repaint of the original 1984 G.I. Joe Whale Hovercraft.

It’s always amazing to see these ideas from Hasbro that never came to fruition, but when it’s something like this, it’s also quite frustrating, considering the place the Whale has in the hearts of many collectors and fans.

You can check out the entire article by clicking here.

What do you think about this unproduced piece? Sound off in our forums and let us know!

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Tom Waltz Shares More From The Top Secret GI Joe Project

Tom Waltz of IDW Publishing has shared yet another amazing piece of art from the upcoming “Top Secret” G.I. Joe Project.

Stop by our forums and discuss all the images released so far for this “Top Secret” Project.

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Truly Outrageous – A Jem Fan Film

Check out this amazing Jem Fan Film, “Truly Outrageous”, courtesy of Chickbait.

Why is a Jem Fan Film being posted on Cobra Island you may ask? Because of the appearance of some Cobra’s in the film of course, including one of the best Baroness portrayals we’ve seen by Allison Scagliotti.

Special thanks to @skinnyjoefan on Twitter and Instagram for the heads up!

You can discuss this with us in our forums!

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Tom Waltz Shares More Incredible Artwork From Upcoming Top Secret G.I.Joe Project

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – If you aren’t following Mr. Tom Waltz on Twitter, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Mr. Waltz has continuously set the G.I.Joe World on Twitter ablaze with his posts and his most recent is no different! 

About two weeks ago, Mr. Waltz began sharing artwork of the G.I.Joe Covert Operations Specialist, Helix! No details other than “Top Secret” have been shared. We can only assume that this G.I.Joe Femme Fatale will be featured in an upcoming IDW Publishing G.I.Joe A Real American Hero book and needless to say, we can’t wait to pick it up! 

We’ll bring you more details as they’re released, but until then, share your thoughts with us on this “Top Secret” Helix artwork after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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Geewunner.com Tank For The Memories Vol. 2 Pre Order Drops Soon

Geewunner has sent out word that Pre-Orders for his next custom Lego G.I.Joe Collection, Tanks for the Memories, vol. 2, is set to drop soon! You can order all offerings together, or individually. Up for grabs are: 

  • Classic Hero Scout Vehicle
  • Drill Sergeant Tank
  • Advanced Heavy Battle Tank 

As with previous offerings, these are sure to sell out quickly, so make sure to keep it locked to the Geewunner Storefront to add these amazing custom Lego offerings to your collection! 

Will you be adding any pieces from the Geewunner Tanks for the Memories, vol. 2 assortment to your collection? Sound off after the break, right here on the Cobra Island Forums!

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CobraStickers.com Mid Spring Update

CobraStickers.com has shared word on a huge Mid-Spring Update! There’s so many new restoration sets to choose from. We’ve only mirrored a few of the new offerings here, including: 

This is only just a taste of the new sets available, so make sure to head over to CobraStickers.com for more! Will you be restoring any old favorites thanks to these new offerings? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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