Eagle Force Returns Digital Comics and Digital Handbook Now Arriving

Heads Up! For those of you that backed the Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Campaign, start checking your e-mail! The Eagle Force Returns Handbook and Eagle Force Returns Comics (both in digital format) have begun distribution via BackerKit! 

Shattered Peace, the Eagle Force comic that debuted last year is something that you may already be familiar with, but the Eagle Force Handbook on the other hand is all new and all sorts of awesome! From the Handbook – 

The long retired Captain Eagle is recruited back into active duty by his former teammate General Brown. 

Together they enlist a new generation of Eagle Force team members to combat the re-emerging forces of R.I.O.T., a terrorist organization driven by a desire for total global domination. 

The handbook totals 17 pages and is chock full of character bios and backstories! This, combined with the Eagle Force Shattered Peace comic should have Eagle Force fans smiling from ear to ear! 

Did you contribute to the campaign and have received your Digital Content? What’s your take on the Comic and Handbook? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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