Custom Cobra Hydro Viper By Swizzlesticks Customs

Swizzlesticks Customs on Facebook has shared this amazing custom rendition of Cobra’s Demon of the Deep, Hydro-Viper! 

Hydro-Vipers are qualified EELS (Cobra Frogmen) who volunteer to be surgically altered to withstand nitrogen narcosis and other side effects of deep diving. Synthetic webs are implanted between their fingers and subcutaneous fat production is stimulated by chemical injections to provide natural insulation. The long term effects of these procedures is known to be psychologically destabilizing… 

Swizzlesticks’ custom stays true to the original formula while giving the character a much deserved Modern update. Make sure to follow Swizzlesticks Customs on Facebook  for more amazing customs just like this one! What are your thoughts on Hydro-Viper? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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